College Football Athletes Are At-Risk During the Firing Season

This is the time of year when a lot of college football coaches receive a pink slip or a demand that they dismiss certain members of their coaching staff. The reality that several college football coaches are on the unemployment line means thousands of college football athletes are at-risk.

Traditionally when we think of college athletes during the firing season we think about those who will transfer because the coach that awarded them with the scholarship (that they earned) left. Or we raise questions about whether the college football player will fit in the incoming coach’s “system”. However, when a coach is fired oftentimes some, if not all of the staff remains (if only for a while) - which puts football college athletes at-risk.

Just think about that strength and conditioning coach who remains after the head is dismissed... how do you think he treats the team when they resume workouts?

Is it too far-fetched that the strength and conditioning coach might blame the college athletes for the coach/his friend being dismissed? Or work them harder physically? Or say things they believe will motivate the players, but actually degrades the players?

Athletic departments, student athlete development professional and behavioral health specialists should, if they do not already, begin to keep a close watch on their college athletes and the coaches left behind after a head coach or any member of the staff is dismissed.

I guess it's understandable that the remaining coaches might feel the college football athletes are to blame when their head coach/friend is dismissed, but athletes shouldn't be punished.

In the words of one college athlete "why are they bucking at me when ++++++ was calling those week ass plays". Athletic departments and those responsible for the well-being of college athletes might be wise to keep an eye (think risk management) on their football athletes during the firing season!

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